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Adze Events Breaking New Grounds

Over the years, Mauritius has crafted the prerequisites to make the island a really advantageous, safe and business-friendly location of unparalleled quality for the investor community. The country has a long and positive track record in attracting investors from all parts of the world, many of whom have re-invested in multiple projects and are still active in Mauritius. In recent years, the island state has emerged as one of the strongest economies in sub-Saharan Africa. Resting on a broad-based and resilient economy, the country is poised for further growth as it sets out to become a major business and financial hub in that region of the world.

Breaking New Grounds

10 compelling reasons to do business through Mauritius

  • Social & political stability.
  • A strong & diversified economy.
  • An educated & bilingual workforce.
  • A pool of skilled & qualified professionals.
  • A business friendly environment.
  • Preferential access to international markets.
  • A modern & reliable infrastructure.
  • A comprehensive & forward looking legal framework.
  • A growing international business & financial hub.
  • A safe and enjoyable place to work and live

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